Company Profile

    Yunnan Sanyuandelong Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd is a set of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for architecture, industrial aluminum profiles, curtain wall materials and metal doors and windows accessories R & D, design, production and sales in one comprehensive enterprise group. Product sales based on the province, the national radiation for ASEAN countries. "Three yuan Delong" brand aluminum has won the brand-name products in Yunnan Province, Yunnan province famous trademark and other honors.

    Ternary Delong company founded in 1999, after years of development and accumulation, the accumulation of the rich aluminum profile production experience and strong technical force, has from the aluminum ingot casting, mold manufacture, the extrusion, the anodic oxidation, coloring, electrophoresis coating, powder coating, fluorocarbon spraying production line, with strong R & D capabilities and of excellence, dedication and the pursuit, ternary Delong company in the past 10 years established a broad and stable sales network, has won praise of customers market, products in short supply.

    Yunnan Aluminum resources are very rich, aluminum ingot capacity province (cloud aluminum, Tianyuan Xin of Yunnan, Yunnan Xin Bo, Yunnan aluminum industry, Dongchuan aluminium, etc.), but aluminum processing industry is very weak, 70% of the aluminium material purchased from outside the province, Yunnan local aluminum profile production only accounted for 30%. Company general manager Mr. Yang Yuande after 13 years of aluminum profile market companies to understand and the actual situation, in order to meet the growing market demand, through various investigation demonstrated, decided to in Qujing City, Yunnan Nanhaizi Industrial Park, economic and Technological Development Zone to invest in the construction of an annual output of 80000 tons of aluminum profiles of the modernization of production bases, and in September 2012 - 2014 may investment of about 7 billion construction completed. A land of 300 mu, building area of 134012.93 square meters, in September 2013 to complete the construction, also part of the production equipment in place installation is complete and in October 2013 began production equipment debugging in place. In May 2014, the company completed the 2 sets of gas occurrence furnace, two casting furnace production line, 14 extrusion production line, a fluorocarbon paint spraying production line, three vertical spraying production line (1 with a wood grain transfer), a full automatic oxidation electrophoresis production line construction. And in July 1, 2014 the environmental protection department of the trial production license, in June 4, 2015 the national industrial production license, the company put into production capacity of 80000 tons or more, the output value of 1 billion, to achieve tax of about 1000, 100000000 people can solve the employment. Can become the central and western regions Chinese aluminum industry in the most advanced equipment, the most complete series of enterprise products. Have a strong product development and production capacity and market competitiveness.

    Companies with more than ten years of aluminum sales experience and aluminum profile production experience, launched a 868 patent airtight window, 798 patent airtight window, 788 patent airtight window, SY90 airtight window for patent, SY80 airtight window for patent, hidden frame sliding window hidden frame casement windows patent doors and windows, these products from the actual needs of people living of air tightness, water tightness, beautiful, environmental protection and other aspects have been fully reflected, after the market has been widely welcomed by users, and apply for a more than 40 national patents.

    "Three yuan Delong" brand aluminum, because of cheap (product quality in customer word-of-mouth better than Guangdong Huachang aluminum) to occupy most of the Yunnan region in high-end aluminum market, in Kunming and pretty hair estate, east of Changjiang River real estate, the strength of the real estate subordinate Decoration Engineering Company (such as CSL hair real estate Kunming Jun Xing Window Engineering Co., Ltd.) comprehensive cooperation, Yunnan local production and sales of aluminum profiles of leading enterprises.

Qujing production base of all the project to complete the introduction of production:

Acceptance criteria and standards for the production of the company's products:

Company production and acceptance in strict accordance with the national GB5237 aluminum alloy construction standards.

Two, quality policy:

1, to the quality of survival.

2, with the quality of development.

3, according to the quality to win customers.

4, rely on the quality and efficiency.

Three, the company's equipment and production capacity:

Production from the window and door profile and curtain wall profiles to a variety of industrial profiles, aluminum construction template; surface treatment from oxidation electrophoresis, powder coating, fluorocarbon coating, polyester paint wood spraying facilities of the production line.

1, the completion of the aluminum profile technology research and development center, with product development and quality testing of all functions, to provide a strong guarantee for product quality control.

2, built mold factory, has the independent research and development, independent design mold supporting capacity, greatly shorten the new product mold cycle and delivery time.

3, 2 domestic most advanced melting furnace, the monthly capacity of 4800 tons or more.

4, built 14 extrusion production line, from 600 tons to 1800 tons of specifications all supporting, can meet all building materials, industrial production needs, the monthly capacity of 3500 tons or more.

5, built four domestic advanced spraying production line, the three vertical lines (a solid wood), a horizontal line, spraying aluminum monthly production capacity of up to more than 4800 tons.

1 to build 6 fluorocarbon paint spraying line, with the capacity of 1200 tons of fluorocarbon coating and 30000 square meters of carbon aluminum.

7 built 1 fully automatic oxidation electrophoresis line, the monthly production capacity of 2000 tons or more. (double salt, salt process)

8 build 2 bridge insulation production line.

9 to complete the ERP system to run, so that the production of data more accurate and quick.

Four, personnel structure:

Company total of 720 people, there are production, quality inspection and other technical personnel about 30 people. The board of directors of the company will be under the executive general manager, deputy general manager, production department, purchasing department, technical inspection department, Ministry of information system, administrative department, human resources department, equipment department, finance department, casting workshop, mold workshop, extrusion workshop, oxidation plant, spraying workshop, insulated car, fluorocarbon workshop, finished product warehouse, customer service department, the sales department, the domestic sales department.

The rapid development of the company, from the pursuit of high goals, strict and meticulous management, sophisticated technology and equipment and customer has always been the trust and support. Company will always adhering to the "quality first, customer first" purpose, to quality products and quality service out of Yunnan, into China, to the world.